Lithium Replacing Lead–Acid Solutions


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We have been cooperating closely with LG, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, SONY, EVA, Lishen and other global cell giants for a long time, using the most comprehensive high-quality cells in terms of range, stability and recession, to meet customer needs in all aspects and provide personalized customization, while having a variety of independent products that are developed, designed and produced in one.


Lithium Batteries Instead Of Lead-acid Batteries

Selected lithium iron phosphate cells with longer cycle life, 2000~5000 cycles, 5~10 years service life, support customize shell.

The designs cover a wide range of applications including golf carts, industrial applications, and home energy storage.The BMS solution has been fully verified by the market and continuously upgraded and optimized, with higher matching with the vehicle, more comprehensive protection functions, and more convenient after-sales diagnosis.Flexible configuration of multi-battery series-parallel combination scheme automatically realizes the management of multiple lithium battery packs, relieves the lack of vehicle range, adapts to different users' needs for mileage, and perfectly replaces lead-acid batteries in various application scenarios.

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