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We have been cooperating closely with LG, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, SONY, EVA, Lishen and other global cell giants for a long time, using the most comprehensive high-quality cells in terms of range, stability and recession, to meet customer needs in all aspects and provide personalized customization, while having a variety of independent products that are developed, designed and produced in one.

1.High-speed Electric Motorcycle Battery Solutions

It adopts imported or domestic 18650, 21700, automotive grade polymer and aluminum shell cells with long cycle life and high safety and stability, which can be matched with multi-power motors ranging from 1500W-5000W, supporting 60V-96V personalized customization, and the capacity can be 20-120Ah. The BMS protocols are mainly RS485 and CANBUS, which can realize various data interaction and GPS positioning functions.

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2. Electric Bike Battery Solutions

Since 2010, we focus on electric bicycle battery development and production design, to provide customers with rigorous module structure design. Excellence in process manufacturing and reliable quality control system, to ensure the safety and reliability of each product, to meet the use of various types of bicycle scenarios. For the domestic and foreign market demand, our company also independently developed the down tube type battery, rear rack type battery, inner tube type battery and other models battery. Currently, 24v/36v/48v batteries are available, with capacities ranging from 5.2-30Ah.

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3.Electric Scooter Battery Solutions

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular in recent years, and scooter batteries for commuting are typically 36V and 48V with a capacity of 4.0Ah-10Ah. Off-road and enthusiast scooters have batteries with voltages of 60V and 72V and capacity of 20Ah-50Ah. The mature process achieves fast assembly efficiency, stable performance, safety and reliability, so that the product cost is competitive from the source.

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