The Development of Hani Energy

2022- Production base moved to Huizhou Guangdong, self-built factory area is about 8000 square meters.

2021- Our company builds its own factory - Hengli New Energy Technology (Guangdong) Co.Ltd was established.

2020- Lay out the European market, set up Hani Germany and Hani Poland.

2019- Set up Dongguan branch factory - Dongguan Hengli Energy Technology Co.Ltd.

2018- Awarded the title of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise and obtained the China High-tech Enterprise Certificate at the end of 2018.

2017- Started the declaration of Shenzhen High-tech and China High-tech Technology Enterprise.

2016- The products passed the testing of the Ministry of Railways and other institutions, providing supporting services to many railroad bureaus and used in the high-speed railway traveling recorder.

2016- Through many times cooperation with the domestic agent of LG Korea, we obtained the authorization of the original purchasing right of LG Korea.

2015- Power battery shipments steadily increased to 3 million cells/month, set up a new factory, set new goals, and moved steadily toward medium and high-end power battery applications and green energy.

2014- Our company transformed and entered the power battery pack field, and the battery shipment of balance bikes continued to grow; meanwhile, the customization business of handheld terminals and special (semi-military) battery packs steadily increased.

2013- Our company began to deepen the industry of power tool batteries and handheld terminal batteries, and gradually entered the market of power battery applications such as unicycles and balance bikes.

2013-  Lithium customization team was established, the shipment of mobile power supply products reached 300,000pcs/month, and HANI brand mobile power successfully entered the national railroad market.

2012- Shenzhen Hani Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established, positioning on customized battery pack products and mobile power supply.


Post time: 2023-03-11

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